7 Hacks To Motivate Yourself To Make Progress

Ready to stop procrastinating and make some progress? Try one of these seven simple hacks to motivate yourself into action. Give them each a try over the coming days and weeks and find the ones that make the biggest difference for you. Whenever you find yourself procrastinating, come back to this list and employ one or several of these hacks. Your productivity will soar.

Pick Something Small

One of the big reasons we procrastinate is because something feels overwhelming. There’s too much too do, so we choose to forget about it for a little while. It’s a coping mechanism, just not a very productive one. Instead, pick one thing, something small that you can do right now to move you in the right direction. This creates momentum and forces you to take action.

Set A Time And Go

Another hack that works like a charm is to set a timer. Your phone has one built in, as do most smart watches. Set it for fifteen or twenty minutes and chip away at a task you’ve been procrastinating on. This works just as well for declutter your closet as it does for filling out those dreaded expense reports. If twenty minutes feels too long, start with ten. Again, the goal is to start and do something.

Bribe Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with bribing yourself if that’s what motivates you. Work on a home improvement project for an hour and then watch an episode of your favorite show. Or promise yourself a new gadget or pair of shoes when you finish painting the living room. Come up with something that motivates you and go for it. Remind yourself of the prize at the end of the project whenever you’re tempted to put things off for another day.

Find An Accountability Partner

Find someone else who’s either trying to be more productive or beat procrastination themselves. Check in with each other daily. Share what you want to accomplish and what you will get done today. Knowing you have to report to someone else makes you take action. It’s also motivating to see the other person do the same. Try it.

Measure Your Progress

When you’re working on something long-term like losing thirty pounds for example, it can be tempting to procrastinate because it doesn’t seem like you’re making much progress. Instead, prove to yourself that you are getting closer and closer by tracking or measuring it. Make a chart, use a spreadsheet, keep a journal. Find a way to measure your progress and use it to motivate yourself to keep going.

Remind Yourself Of Your Why

There’s a reason you’ve decided to do that thing you keep putting off. Think about why you want to get it done. Is it so you get your tax refund? So you can run around with the kids? So you can find the clothes you actually want to wear? Find out your why. Write it down and then keep it front and center. Look at it every day before you get ready to get to work.

Just Start

I’ve saved the best for last. It’s the easiest but also the most powerful. Hear this. Just get started. That’s right, sometimes all you have to do is just get moving in the right direction. Do something. Do anything. Even if it’s something super small. You get over that initial hump and start to build some momentum.

The Importance Of Failure

When you think of the word failure, how would you define it?

According to Wikipedia, failure is described as “the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended outcome, and it may be viewed as the opposite of success”, and Merriam-Webster defines it as “falling short”. No matter how a person explains failure, it typically sounds negative. Yet, throughout life I’ve learned that failure doesn’t have to be viewed as bad or something to be avoided at all costs.

In fact, I’ve come to realize that experiencing failure is an important part of life. 

Growing up, I was a major perfectionist. I didn’t want to let people down, and I constantly believed I wasn’t measuring up to the expectations I thought people had for me. My identity was shaky and I was insecure. I told myself often, “You are a failure.” I would avoid anything that could lead to failure, or, if it was something I couldn’t get out of, I made sure to practice beforehand. I did all of this out of fear, self-preservation, and a desire to be in control; over time it became a coping mechanism. 

Fast forward to a few years after college, when I was working as a nurse, and even though I was more willing to do uncomfortable things, it still scared me and caused me great anxiety. Yet, I wasn’t happy with the life I was living, and I knew I wanted more for my life and my future. I had felt called to serve others overseas for years, and I finally chose to stop wishing and take an actual step in that direction. It was a HUGE step for me, but looking back, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. A yes that completely changed my life. 

While on the World Race, an 11-month mission trip to 11 different countries, I had some crazy highs and also some lows. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, experienced things I had never experienced before, and had to take countless risks. The failure that I had worked so hard for so long to avoid became inevitable if I wanted to grow and learn and live to the fullest on this trip. There were plenty of risks I didn’t take, but plenty that I did. And through these risks and the failure that sometimes came with them, my identity began to shift. I learned that I have a purpose, and that I can and should be myself. I was told I had the capability to be a leader, and I actually began to believe all of these things about myself. 

My identity began to grow stronger and more secure, not when I avoided failure, but when I took risks knowing I might fall flat on my face.

A wise mentor I met after coming home from the World Race told me, “You can’t move forward unless you risk, the types of risks that make you cringe just thinking about them.” Having experiences means taking risks…and taking risks means you will eventually fail. As I said before, failure is said to be “falling short” and the “opposite of success”. Is it possible that even if these definitions are true, that failure still has benefits? What if these benefits outweigh success? What if, even if we fall short, we are able to learn a valuable lesson and grow as people?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then why do we avoid failure like it’s the plague?

I think that to move forward, the solution is not for us to avoid failure. No matter how much we try to avoid it, we will all eventually fail at something. Instead, I think that we need to learn how to better cope with failure when it happens. 

But, that is a post for another day. Check back next week on Chelsea Bee’s blog, linked below, to learn more about how to handle failure in a healthier way.


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Practical Guide: About Me!

I’m Leslie (nice to meet ya!) I’m a 30 something witty and a full of energy human that loves to educate and inform about mental health, wellness, balance, & self love. I thought I’d share a practical guide about me. I love putting names with faces, so here you are in all my glory, hah. (that was a joke)

Awesome people connecting, I think we should be friends! But that’s just me…

Here are a few random facts about me.

  1. I love baking and equally love eating the baked goods.
  2. My favorite sweet treat to make are homemade brownies, of any kind.
  3. My favorite colors are lavender because of the serenity of it and teal for the vibrance.
  4. I have a Corgi puppy who is almost 2 months old named Yamper – named after a Pokémon. Who’s full of energy and
  5. I love his fluffy butt! I also have a cat named Quin who has a huge personality too.
  1. I love camping, hiking, and anything outdoors but I also love having my nails and hair done.
  2. I have Bipolar 1 disorder so it makes life really hard at times but I just keep pushing forward.
  1. I have a content creation business where I help overwhelmed female entrepreneurs, I absolutely love my business! I’m pretty much working on it, reading, or jotting down different things about it and business all day.
  2. I love getting under cozy blankets (even in the summer because he’s always cold, so i crank the AC it’s only 73*!) with a Swiss Roll in hang watching YouTube shows with my boyfriend.
  3. I love receiving packages, it’s like Christmas! I order so much it’s hard to keep up with it all (thanks Amazon!)
  4. I loooove reading! Stephen King is my absolute favorite, next to Kira Davis, and Jen Sincero. I can’t put their books down!
  5. I’ve started this new blog to help raise awareness of mental health, wellness, balance, and self love. Every now and then you might see a review of a product I loved, a tasty new recipe i tried, or an adventure post but I can assure you those will be few and far in between.
  6. I ate my right tonsil when I was 12, have you ever ate a body part you needed?) I had a sever case of strep throat, it put me in the Emergency Room twice!
  7. I love mochas! I’m like a dog with a treat when I see one coming or order one. I have no idea why but a white chocolate mocha or a Suisse chocolate mocha do the trick!
  1. I listen to lo-fi allll the time when I’m working, relaxing, cooking, all the things right. Click the link to check it out, you might like it too, who knows.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me, let’s connect! Drop a comment telling me a little or a lot about yourself! I’d love to engage (probably because I like to talk).