A Little About Yamper But A Lot About Love

You’re probably asking yourself who is a Yamper & what is it?! Well you see Yamper is my 4 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who is adorable as the day is long! This post is a little about Yamper but A Lot About Love. 

We love going on snifaris (a sniff safari) because not only does he get smell training but he also gets a little tired because his nose is working so hard. I let him lead the these snifaris so he’s not pulling on the lead and I’m not fighting him.

When we can’t go on our snifaris he gets to play with his snuffle mat. 10 minutes digging around in his snuffle mat is like 1 hour of running and all ya do is drop a few treats inside while he searches for them. This also tires him out but he also gets small rewards to using his senses. 

He loves being outside although at first he was a little cautious but still curious. He loves being in the ground (he’s 4 months  old) and until he got his 3rd round of shots he’d never been put on the ground. He takes in the smells and often the taste of the grass, which he’s learned from his older brother is great to roll around in.

He’s a vocal little guy and his vet believes he’s going to be a smaller corgi than most as of right now he weighs 5.2lbs. At his age he’s supposed to be much bigger. The vet is satisfied with his progress because when I took him in for his first vet visit he was only 2.4lbs. So now he gets fed 5 times a day, he gets a free training treat or a little piece of his food when we’re training, he also gets different filled Kong’s that he gets so excited about. Those things are a lifesaver, when he’s bored. We’ve got 3 of them! 

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All of his puppy products we use and love are here: 

The fox has saved the day so we bought him 2 foxes and a squirrel. He loves to fling them in the air.

The wipes are great for between baths, they’re all natural and unscented, they keep him from smelling like a dog and they make him so soft.

This Kong a is tiny bit big for him but he loves it more than the other 2 small ones we got him. We can also play around with him ad make playtime a little more fun while he gets treats and we bond.

This little caterpillar is a trooper, Yamper lots the chew on him at least a few days a time.

He has 3 of the baby blue Kongs as they are for puppies. I fill them with the squeeze which we have in pepperoni and sweet potato To fill the Kong when we add a few treats or a little bit of his food. They keep him bust for about an hour, which is great time to get things done.

The snuffle mat is for interactive play you can add a few treats for or a little food. The dog gets ti sniff around while he digs a little in the mat. Because their noses are so strong this is a great way to get a little smell therapy too.

The NylaBone is another life saver, which has kept Yamper from chewing EVERYTHING. When we see him going for something he’s not supposed to have we tell him no and give him this bone. These other teething toy is great too as he plays with it for half an hour or so when I he gets it. He has so many toys we put them in a basket and after him being out for an hour or two every one of his toys are on the floor out of the basket.

He’s a crazy boy with so much energy and adventure, which is why he can go outside now. He helped me plant my garden a few months ago. He’s a great dog but not a really good helper.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our newest family member. Do you have a pet? What’s your favorite thing to do with them? Yes, I’m nosey I like to get into peoples business. 😛

Practical Guide: About Me!

I’m Leslie (nice to meet ya!) I’m a 30 something witty and a full of energy human that loves to educate and inform about mental health, wellness, balance, & self love. I thought I’d share a practical guide about me. I love putting names with faces, so here you are in all my glory, hah. (that was a joke)

Awesome people connecting, I think we should be friends! But that’s just me…

Here are a few random facts about me.

  1. I love baking and equally love eating the baked goods.
  2. My favorite sweet treat to make are homemade brownies, of any kind.
  3. My favorite colors are lavender because of the serenity of it and teal for the vibrance.
  4. I have a Corgi puppy who is almost 2 months old named Yamper – named after a Pokémon. Who’s full of energy and
  5. I love his fluffy butt! I also have a cat named Quin who has a huge personality too.
  1. I love camping, hiking, and anything outdoors but I also love having my nails and hair done.
  2. I have Bipolar 1 disorder so it makes life really hard at times but I just keep pushing forward.
  1. I have a content creation business where I help overwhelmed female entrepreneurs, I absolutely love my business! I’m pretty much working on it, reading, or jotting down different things about it and business all day.
  2. I love getting under cozy blankets (even in the summer because he’s always cold, so i crank the AC it’s only 73*!) with a Swiss Roll in hang watching YouTube shows with my boyfriend.
  3. I love receiving packages, it’s like Christmas! I order so much it’s hard to keep up with it all (thanks Amazon!)
  4. I loooove reading! Stephen King is my absolute favorite, next to Kira Davis, and Jen Sincero. I can’t put their books down!
  5. I’ve started this new blog to help raise awareness of mental health, wellness, balance, and self love. Every now and then you might see a review of a product I loved, a tasty new recipe i tried, or an adventure post but I can assure you those will be few and far in between.
  6. I ate my right tonsil when I was 12, have you ever ate a body part you needed?) I had a sever case of strep throat, it put me in the Emergency Room twice!
  7. I love mochas! I’m like a dog with a treat when I see one coming or order one. I have no idea why but a white chocolate mocha or a Suisse chocolate mocha do the trick!
  1. I listen to lo-fi allll the time when I’m working, relaxing, cooking, all the things right. Click the link to check it out, you might like it too, who knows.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me, let’s connect! Drop a comment telling me a little or a lot about yourself! I’d love to engage (probably because I like to talk).