How To Create A Peaceful Bedroom Sanctuary

I don’t know about you, but my bedroom is my sanctuary. I love coming in it at night or any time of day because I know everything is in place, perfect, and ready for me to relax with my chocolate mocha. Creating a peaceful bedroom sanctuary is critical, in my opinion, anyway. I’ll link below the exact things that make my peaceful bedroom sanctuary.

How To Create A Peaceful Bedroom Sanctuary

I make the bed every morning, which is pretty easy for my side because my boyfriend likes to toss and turn, twisting his side up like a garlic breadstick (I’m hungry while writing this), so his side takes a little more time. I set all my pillows up to ensure my nightstand is clear of tumblers, water bottles, and dog training treats (we have two 1/2-month-old Corgi – his name is Yamper but more on him later) the night before.

On my work desk (I have one in the office too, but I hardly have one), I always leave my Hymilian salt lamp on unless I’m going out for a bit because, you know, fire hazards and all (plus Yamper is in his crate in our room). I have three different sizes of flameless candles on my desk and my salt lamp. I LOVE flameless candles, and there are approximately 13 around the bedroom. I love their ambiance! I also have my Amethyst crystal rock lamp, and I don’t turn it on because I love how it looks without the illumination. Lastly, my essential oil diffuser pretty much stays on constantly too. I love my lavender oils. I’ve also gotten into blends like “relaxation” and “Stress relief” on those hectic days where it feels like a rush and everything is caving in all at once. (If you have any roller blends for diffuser blends you love, drop them in the comments below, I’m always looking for more recipes)

Above my desk, I need a little inspiration and beauty, so I have a few art pieces (three of which I’ve painted), one of my favorite Disney characters Belle, and a gorgeous macrame circle mirror my boyfriend’s mother gave me for Christmas. It all makes the room feel so cozy. I do have other pictures like the one I painted of my boyfriend standing on a cliff in West Virginia. Beside the desk, I have two bohemian lights in the shape of stars with little star cutouts on all 12 points of the stars themselves. Again, I love the ambiance of these at night too.

My T.V. stand is a huge bookshelf filled to the brim with books I’ve already read, need to read, or want to re-read. My favorite authors are, of course, Stephen King, Kira Davis, Joanne Fluke, and all the self-help, motivational, and self-guidance books. On top of the huge bookshelf sits my huge T.V., which barely gets turned on unless I’m watching Extreme Couponers, The I.D. Network, or using it to watch Youtube because the laptop or phone are hurting my poor eyes. Above the T.V is a clock I’ve had for about 15 years, no joke. It’s plain and my favorite color, so it has traveled with me everywhere; I have moved (I now see it needs a new battery because it’s about 5 hours off. Either that or I can time travel).

My nightstand is just a white nightstand with a small drawer that’s filled to the brim with Chapstick, thumb drives (I’m also a photographer and graphic designer), eyeglasses, clothes, crystals, air pods, and who knows what else. Adorning the top of the nightstand is a white and yellow silk orchid (because I can’t seem to keep real ones alive), a silver lamp, three flameless candles (remember my flameless candle addiction?), a cellphone, planner, iPad, and 2-3 books at any given time I’m reading. They aren’t all different genres of books; one might be a murder novel, the other a business book, and another a book about blogging. I also have a small notebook and pen I keep by my bed if I get any ideas while relaxing or waking up with my next genius idea. Along with Post It notes, Post It flags, pencil, and highlighter. I have an assortment of notebooks (which I hoard notebooks and office supplies too), old planners, and empty binders that are pretty to look at it. 

You can create a peaceful bedroom sanctuary however feels comfortable to you. You must open your mind to space you’re working with and ultimately make it your own. Anything can be perfect, but it may take a little time. Add a few plants, a little simple lighting, photos, or art on the walls or the floor, and call it your own sacred space even if you share it with someone else. 

You can add plants like a rubber plant or spider plant for air purification and try a Jasmine plant which will help with sleep. If you’re not one for plants then you can give a noise machine a try, listening to the rain (simulated or not) is one of my favorite things to do. Add little pieces to your bedroom that make it feel like it’s completely your space.

The idea is to make it fun, inviting, and most of all, comfortable. Tell me in the comments what the favorite part of your bedroom is?

Here are the exact things I have in my peaceful bedroom sanctuary: (This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning, I get a commission if you purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.)