The Importance Of Failure

When you think of the word failure, how would you define it?

According to Wikipedia, failure is described as “the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended outcome, and it may be viewed as the opposite of success”, and Merriam-Webster defines it as “falling short”. No matter how a person explains failure, it typically sounds negative. Yet, throughout life I’ve learned that failure doesn’t have to be viewed as bad or something to be avoided at all costs.

In fact, I’ve come to realize that experiencing failure is an important part of life. 

Growing up, I was a major perfectionist. I didn’t want to let people down, and I constantly believed I wasn’t measuring up to the expectations I thought people had for me. My identity was shaky and I was insecure. I told myself often, “You are a failure.” I would avoid anything that could lead to failure, or, if it was something I couldn’t get out of, I made sure to practice beforehand. I did all of this out of fear, self-preservation, and a desire to be in control; over time it became a coping mechanism. 

Fast forward to a few years after college, when I was working as a nurse, and even though I was more willing to do uncomfortable things, it still scared me and caused me great anxiety. Yet, I wasn’t happy with the life I was living, and I knew I wanted more for my life and my future. I had felt called to serve others overseas for years, and I finally chose to stop wishing and take an actual step in that direction. It was a HUGE step for me, but looking back, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. A yes that completely changed my life. 

While on the World Race, an 11-month mission trip to 11 different countries, I had some crazy highs and also some lows. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, experienced things I had never experienced before, and had to take countless risks. The failure that I had worked so hard for so long to avoid became inevitable if I wanted to grow and learn and live to the fullest on this trip. There were plenty of risks I didn’t take, but plenty that I did. And through these risks and the failure that sometimes came with them, my identity began to shift. I learned that I have a purpose, and that I can and should be myself. I was told I had the capability to be a leader, and I actually began to believe all of these things about myself. 

My identity began to grow stronger and more secure, not when I avoided failure, but when I took risks knowing I might fall flat on my face.

A wise mentor I met after coming home from the World Race told me, “You can’t move forward unless you risk, the types of risks that make you cringe just thinking about them.” Having experiences means taking risks…and taking risks means you will eventually fail. As I said before, failure is said to be “falling short” and the “opposite of success”. Is it possible that even if these definitions are true, that failure still has benefits? What if these benefits outweigh success? What if, even if we fall short, we are able to learn a valuable lesson and grow as people?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then why do we avoid failure like it’s the plague?

I think that to move forward, the solution is not for us to avoid failure. No matter how much we try to avoid it, we will all eventually fail at something. Instead, I think that we need to learn how to better cope with failure when it happens. 

But, that is a post for another day. Check back next week on Chelsea Bee’s blog, linked below, to learn more about how to handle failure in a healthier way.


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A Little About Yamper But A Lot About Love

You’re probably asking yourself who is a Yamper & what is it?! Well you see Yamper is my 4 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who is adorable as the day is long! This post is a little about Yamper but A Lot About Love. 

We love going on snifaris (a sniff safari) because not only does he get smell training but he also gets a little tired because his nose is working so hard. I let him lead the these snifaris so he’s not pulling on the lead and I’m not fighting him.

When we can’t go on our snifaris he gets to play with his snuffle mat. 10 minutes digging around in his snuffle mat is like 1 hour of running and all ya do is drop a few treats inside while he searches for them. This also tires him out but he also gets small rewards to using his senses. 

He loves being outside although at first he was a little cautious but still curious. He loves being in the ground (he’s 4 months  old) and until he got his 3rd round of shots he’d never been put on the ground. He takes in the smells and often the taste of the grass, which he’s learned from his older brother is great to roll around in.

He’s a vocal little guy and his vet believes he’s going to be a smaller corgi than most as of right now he weighs 5.2lbs. At his age he’s supposed to be much bigger. The vet is satisfied with his progress because when I took him in for his first vet visit he was only 2.4lbs. So now he gets fed 5 times a day, he gets a free training treat or a little piece of his food when we’re training, he also gets different filled Kong’s that he gets so excited about. Those things are a lifesaver, when he’s bored. We’ve got 3 of them! 

This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning, I get a commission if you purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.

All of his puppy products we use and love are here: 

The fox has saved the day so we bought him 2 foxes and a squirrel. He loves to fling them in the air.

The wipes are great for between baths, they’re all natural and unscented, they keep him from smelling like a dog and they make him so soft.

This Kong a is tiny bit big for him but he loves it more than the other 2 small ones we got him. We can also play around with him ad make playtime a little more fun while he gets treats and we bond.

This little caterpillar is a trooper, Yamper lots the chew on him at least a few days a time.

He has 3 of the baby blue Kongs as they are for puppies. I fill them with the squeeze which we have in pepperoni and sweet potato To fill the Kong when we add a few treats or a little bit of his food. They keep him bust for about an hour, which is great time to get things done.

The snuffle mat is for interactive play you can add a few treats for or a little food. The dog gets ti sniff around while he digs a little in the mat. Because their noses are so strong this is a great way to get a little smell therapy too.

The NylaBone is another life saver, which has kept Yamper from chewing EVERYTHING. When we see him going for something he’s not supposed to have we tell him no and give him this bone. These other teething toy is great too as he plays with it for half an hour or so when I he gets it. He has so many toys we put them in a basket and after him being out for an hour or two every one of his toys are on the floor out of the basket.

He’s a crazy boy with so much energy and adventure, which is why he can go outside now. He helped me plant my garden a few months ago. He’s a great dog but not a really good helper.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our newest family member. Do you have a pet? What’s your favorite thing to do with them? Yes, I’m nosey I like to get into peoples business. 😛

I Did What To My Face?

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t go all Mike Tyson and get a sweet facial tattoo. Nope, I fell in love with Aveeno products (and I liked it!)

Instead, I think I nailed down a nighttime routine! I’ve been looking at YouTubers, bloggers, and Pinterest peeps to help me out.

I’m getting older, so I figured now is an excellent time to learn a routine.

I am in NO WAY shape, or form a beauty blogger; how do y’all make it look so easy??

So I also did a ton of product research; I have really sensitive skin, so I have been super cautious of what I put on it. My skin is so sensitive if I walk through the perfume floor of the mall, my face breaks out for days.

I’ve used Aveeno lotion for years because it doesn’t aggravate the ever-loving shit out of my sensitive skin, I wanted a face wash that wouldn’t make my face dry and weird feeling, but I also wanted to follow it up with a moisturizer.

I had no idea where to turn, so I went to Google. I searched a few different products with a few other reviews. I kept coming across how great Aveeno products are, well I decided to do a little research on their products (it turns out they’re fantastic!)

Without further ado, I promptly hit up Amazon and got myself an Aveeno body wash, an Aveeno face wash, and an Aveeno moisturizer. I waited like a child for it to arrive to see if everything lived up to its rep.

It arrived on a Thursday afternoon, so I used it that night; I was blown away! The face wash left my face feeling smooth, soft, and even moisturized already. I put a few dabs of the moisturizer on my cheeks and forehead, then rubbed it in gently. I think I heard angels singing at this point.

Next up, bath time! I love baths; they calm and relax me. I pretend my stress washes away in the water and down the drain where all dirty things go. So I grab my rubber ducky, a book (usually a business-related book), my bath caddy tray (this thing is fantastic!), a glass of wine, and phone (not for social media or messages but for lo-fi, I love relaxing to it!

I lathered up with the coconut-smelling body wash, and my skin was instantly hydrated and not just because of the water but the way it felt as it washed away. I immediately knew I’d never use another body wash again. This one was perfect, and the scent lingers all day! After everything was dry, I used my trusty Aveeno lotion, which is unscented, letting the coconut fragrance through.

These products have quickly become a part of my nighttime routine; it’s now my favorite part of the day. I know I get to relax and make myself feel good and pampered. It’s the small things in life that are the greatest.

Here is the finished product after everything is washed and applied, since it’s a nighttime routine there is no make up, and I do apologize in advance.

I had a lot of fun creating this routine, and I’ve stuck to it for a while and don’t think I’ll give it up anytime soon. I’ll link the products I use below; check them out if you have sensitive skin like me!

Bipolar Brain

– This one is a little raw, it’s honest in the days of my life. This post is one about bipolar disorder and the effects, this post also touches on anxiety and depression. I don’t know if any of these will trigger anyone with a mental illness. –

If you’ve watched TV, Netflix, Hulu, or any other tv or tv app then chances are you’ve seen a bipolar medication commercial, these commercials talk about bipolar’s “extreme highs or lows” meaning depression, mania, and hypomania.

I’ve spent 5 days in a state of mania and now I’m exhausted. I’ve barely slept (at least I got all 4’s :P), my brain has been firing nonstop for the duration, and my emotions were all over the place. Although the Lamictal & Trazodone work it doesn’t always 100% of the time, kind of like anything else.

What is hard about this disorder is that you don’t know when any of it is going to happen, it could be weeks or it could be months but when it does the only thing you can do is hold on and trust it won’t last forever.

Drowning in bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety

It can be really hard on your family and friends too; canceling plans made well in advance that everyone is excited for, family get-togethers, or just hanging out to watch tv or paint.

When the mind decides itself upon something there is no changing it, especially when it’s wired in so deep it can’t be found. I’ve made terrible financial decisions, relationship choices, not looking after my well being, and spending days feeling like I have to read 3 books, write a novel, paint 12 canvases, write 15 business and 20 personal blog posts, talk to every friend I have for hours and get my hair & nails done when I’m so confident I could touch the sky.

I can’t go more than three days without taking my medications. I get ill, horrible migraine, I get so moody even though I don’t want to be around me, oh and I want to dye my hair purple (actually turned out pretty nice), or get a puppy (his name is Yamper, he’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi). 

I’ve also got anxiety which can be brought through the roof sometimes. Large crowds I can’t be in because I’m worried something will happen to me or the ones I love, I’m claustrophobic even in my own clothes because my chest gets so tight I can’t breathe, and bring on the stress that brings on the panic attacks. That’s only to name a few. The Abilify & Prozac are helping keep this one at bay.

See what I mean by just holding on, it’s really all you can do. I’ve picked up a few tools along the way. I’ve learned to still try to be mindful of these episodes and anxieties. It’s definitely not easy but you’ve got to push through to find something to grasp while waiting for the storm to pass.

storm passing bipolar, anxiety, depression

I’ve recently started going to a psychologist which was referred to by my psychiatrist, but I’m not exactly sure how it should go, I’ve only been once. I thought it was just talking about my feelings but I was told to talk about anything that pop-up or anything I find during the week before another session to write things down, I’d like to cover.

I’ve had anxiety for most of my life and I’ve been misdiagnosed since I was a teenager. I was being treated for anxiety and depression but nothing was working; if anything it was making it worse. I was a little relieved when I got the bipolar 1 diagnosis because now I know I’m not crazy and all over the place chalking it up to my personality.

Someone who knows where you’re at and what it’s like is always helpful. Other than my psychologist and psychiatrist I’m going at this alone myself. When I try to talk to friends or family members all I get is an “I don’t understand”, which sort of pisses me off because you’d think a close member of your family would at least try to understand, like my mom. I talk to her about everything, she’s my best friend yet for this particular subject she won’t take the time to read up on it or ways she could help.

If you too have this disorder and need someone to talk to, I keep conversations confidential but I’m in no way a psychologist but I am a good listener. Send me a message or email and we’ll chat as long as you need to.

How To Create A Peaceful Bedroom Sanctuary

I don’t know about you, but my bedroom is my sanctuary. I love coming in it at night or any time of day because I know everything is in place, perfect, and ready for me to relax with my chocolate mocha. Creating a peaceful bedroom sanctuary is critical, in my opinion, anyway. I’ll link below the exact things that make my peaceful bedroom sanctuary.

How To Create A Peaceful Bedroom Sanctuary

I make the bed every morning, which is pretty easy for my side because my boyfriend likes to toss and turn, twisting his side up like a garlic breadstick (I’m hungry while writing this), so his side takes a little more time. I set all my pillows up to ensure my nightstand is clear of tumblers, water bottles, and dog training treats (we have two 1/2-month-old Corgi – his name is Yamper but more on him later) the night before.

On my work desk (I have one in the office too, but I hardly have one), I always leave my Hymilian salt lamp on unless I’m going out for a bit because, you know, fire hazards and all (plus Yamper is in his crate in our room). I have three different sizes of flameless candles on my desk and my salt lamp. I LOVE flameless candles, and there are approximately 13 around the bedroom. I love their ambiance! I also have my Amethyst crystal rock lamp, and I don’t turn it on because I love how it looks without the illumination. Lastly, my essential oil diffuser pretty much stays on constantly too. I love my lavender oils. I’ve also gotten into blends like “relaxation” and “Stress relief” on those hectic days where it feels like a rush and everything is caving in all at once. (If you have any roller blends for diffuser blends you love, drop them in the comments below, I’m always looking for more recipes)

Above my desk, I need a little inspiration and beauty, so I have a few art pieces (three of which I’ve painted), one of my favorite Disney characters Belle, and a gorgeous macrame circle mirror my boyfriend’s mother gave me for Christmas. It all makes the room feel so cozy. I do have other pictures like the one I painted of my boyfriend standing on a cliff in West Virginia. Beside the desk, I have two bohemian lights in the shape of stars with little star cutouts on all 12 points of the stars themselves. Again, I love the ambiance of these at night too.

My T.V. stand is a huge bookshelf filled to the brim with books I’ve already read, need to read, or want to re-read. My favorite authors are, of course, Stephen King, Kira Davis, Joanne Fluke, and all the self-help, motivational, and self-guidance books. On top of the huge bookshelf sits my huge T.V., which barely gets turned on unless I’m watching Extreme Couponers, The I.D. Network, or using it to watch Youtube because the laptop or phone are hurting my poor eyes. Above the T.V is a clock I’ve had for about 15 years, no joke. It’s plain and my favorite color, so it has traveled with me everywhere; I have moved (I now see it needs a new battery because it’s about 5 hours off. Either that or I can time travel).

My nightstand is just a white nightstand with a small drawer that’s filled to the brim with Chapstick, thumb drives (I’m also a photographer and graphic designer), eyeglasses, clothes, crystals, air pods, and who knows what else. Adorning the top of the nightstand is a white and yellow silk orchid (because I can’t seem to keep real ones alive), a silver lamp, three flameless candles (remember my flameless candle addiction?), a cellphone, planner, iPad, and 2-3 books at any given time I’m reading. They aren’t all different genres of books; one might be a murder novel, the other a business book, and another a book about blogging. I also have a small notebook and pen I keep by my bed if I get any ideas while relaxing or waking up with my next genius idea. Along with Post It notes, Post It flags, pencil, and highlighter. I have an assortment of notebooks (which I hoard notebooks and office supplies too), old planners, and empty binders that are pretty to look at it. 

You can create a peaceful bedroom sanctuary however feels comfortable to you. You must open your mind to space you’re working with and ultimately make it your own. Anything can be perfect, but it may take a little time. Add a few plants, a little simple lighting, photos, or art on the walls or the floor, and call it your own sacred space even if you share it with someone else. 

You can add plants like a rubber plant or spider plant for air purification and try a Jasmine plant which will help with sleep. If you’re not one for plants then you can give a noise machine a try, listening to the rain (simulated or not) is one of my favorite things to do. Add little pieces to your bedroom that make it feel like it’s completely your space.

The idea is to make it fun, inviting, and most of all, comfortable. Tell me in the comments what the favorite part of your bedroom is?

Here are the exact things I have in my peaceful bedroom sanctuary: (This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning, I get a commission if you purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.)

Why You Should Consider Yoga

In honor of National Yoga Day I’ve decided to do a little yoga post on why you should consider yoga. I hope this post will inspire you to give yoga at least a try or two, remember that practice makes perfect and you’ll get the greatest benefit from these poses. I love morning yoga routines and nighttime routines they help wake me up and also put me to sleep without sleep medication (which I was once dependent on). Your routine can be as short or as long as you make it, some days you might get lost in the tranquility and balance then an hour goes by and you’re like “wow, that happened”.

What is yoga

The word “yoga” in Sanskrit means listen. Listening is the key to what yoga is all about. It is about listening to your body. Stretching, bending, breathing, and listening. It’s about becoming more aware of your body, its strengths, where it needs help, and nurturing it.

Why try yoga?

When doing the yoga pose itself the stretching opens up tight areas in the body and also strengthening those muscles. This helps with good posture and also helps you focus on body awareness. You relax or contract each muscle with each different yoga pose.

The benefits of yoga:

  1. It’s a great way to strengthen your body and core.
  2. It’s an excellent stress reliever.
  3. It can be done anywhere.
  4. It’s a good way to learn how to connect with yourself.
  5.  Yoga practices are fun and none competitive.
  6. Best of all it can be fine anywhere at any time.

Why yoga is for everyone?

Yoga helps you improve strength by using your core for support. While I’m a yoga pose your muscles are activated to keep you in that particular pose. Yoga helps tap into your own flexibility while limbering you up. Once you start it’s about stretching your limits.

For me and myself

I found the first time I did yoga I felt better and I could breathe. My limbs felt light and my entire body felt refreshed after stretching.

You’re probably like “Samantha – cut the bullshit” but I bullshit you not a friend! If you give it one session just one 30 minutes session I can assure you that you’ll notice a difference.

Once you do it every day for a month you’ll notice changes in the way your body feels, all of this just by stretching.

Why You Should Consider Yoga #yoga #routine #stretch #poses #workout

I’m honor of National Yoga Day, I’ve decided to bring a little light as to how yoga could be for everyone.

I’ve put together a few simple yet easy yoga poses for you to try, anyone that wants to try! Get your family and your friends in on each pose. These poses are better when done on the right equipment so no one gets hurt but have an optimal workout.

I’m no doctor so if you find yourself in pain or there is discomfort then don’t try yo push yourself. These poses can go at your own pace.

At first, I suggest doing one yoga pose a day. You can hold each pose for 2-3 minutes if you can. You can also increase that time once you continue your daily practice.

To help you get started I’ve posted 15 different poses that are sure to give you results. The key is to stretch into each pose, remember not to hurt yourself! Yoga is supposed to be relaxing.

Why You Should Consider Yoga #yoga #strength #workout

I decided to give you guys visuals for each pose rather than explain each pose. This way you’ll get an idea of what the correct pose looks like.

Adrian is an amazing teacher and she knows her stuff! I watch her videos and learn something new each time.

Yoga poses daily:

Chair Pose

Forward Fold pose


Upward dog pose

Cobra pose

Down dog pose

Staff pose

Mountain pose

Knee to nose pose

Warrior 1 pose

Warrior 2 pose

Warrior 3 pose

Reverse Warrior pose

Pigeon pose 


These poses may be hard to pronounce but they’re easy and for beginners leaving you feeling your best. If you give any of these pose a try please let me know how they worked for you. Remember to only go at your own pace, do not strain or push yourself too hard.

(This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning, I get a commission if you purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read the full disclosure here.)

Here are a few suggestions to make it a little easier:

7 Ways To Recharge Every Day

Every day is different for everyone, some days are just too much to take though. Relaxing eases stress, helps relieve anxiety, depression, and sleeping problems. Some of us don’t recharge enough or de-stress enough to get the full results of the act. 

When I get home I have a nightly routine (not so much a morning routine, I’m not really a morning person) and I don’t know what I’d do without it, I’d be totally lost. If you don’t have an evening/night routine I highly suggest you look into it. 

Anyway, when I unwind I watch a movie, paint, or read. I don’t check emails, scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or do anything that can be done during “business hours” by doing this I keep a work-life and home life balance. I keep things simple. Some nights I’ll have a lemon tea because it gets colder at night and you’ll find me huddled up on the couch with my fleece blanket.

Why Recharge Every Day?

Recharging isn’t just for electronic devices and cellphones, this tiny little habit may help you live longer as it reduces stress. You’ll feel better, you’ll be more creative, and another added bonus is it’ll help strengthen your immune system. 

It’s important to keep your focus and mind right every day, whether you need to read a book, take a bath, or do a brain dump (such a weird phrase), or just watch a few episodes of your show. 

I personally listen to lo-fi tunes when I am trying to relax in the evening. The sounds are all different and you never know what will come out next but they’re interested and keep my mind occupied instead of running through my to-do list for the next day or the things I’ve done today.

7 Ways To Recharge Every Day:

  • Take a drive – it doesn’t have to be hours on end just a short 15 or 30-minute drive may help soothe you. I wouldn’t recommend doing this in the middle of the rush hour though,
  • Somedays you just need a day to recharge, ask your boss if you can have a mental health day. Most companies will let you use a vacation day for this but I am not too sure about a sick day.
  • Turn off your cellphone! This is a huge one for me. Whenever I’ve had too much social media, drama from social media and friends (Facebook) I like to turn off my phone for a few hours (yes I said hours) the silence is relaxing and it stops the need to be present in every single conversation, which is also a relief.
  • Journal – I know this is so cliche but hear me out. You get all those thoughts that are rolling around in your head on paper so they don’t bug you anymore. You can look back later at maybe you’ve actually solved a problem for yourself without even knowing. 
  • Lazy Sundays – I LOVE a lazy Sunday! I can do whatever I want with no rush, hassle, or urgency of any sort. I do meal prep on Sunday but that to me is relaxing, just in the kitchen for a few hours; just me and my glass(s) of wine. 
  • Take a nap – if this is possible it always helps me, I usually wake up better than I went to sleep. This might include a power nap of only 20-30 minutes. I wish I could do power naps but my naps are like 2-3 hours long. Naps also help in creativity too. So it’s like a two-for-one!
  • Color – yes that might sound childish but adult coloring books are on the rise these days. I have several. Over Christmas, my boyfriend surprised me with one of the pictures from the trip we took to West Virginia a few months ago that just so happens to be a paint by number! How cool is that, he did good! There are about 29 different colors to work with but at least everything is numbered and yes some of them are microscopic so I may cuss a little but it’ll be worth it.

The trick is to find something that resonates with you, if one of these suggestions stresses you out then take a bath rather than coloring or go for a walk rather than taking a nap. That’s a plus too because you’ll be getting your steps in as well (sorry I recently got a new FitBit and I am a little obsessed with my steps and heart rate at the moment).

Some times routines are great for recharging but I’m not so great at routines as I’ve previously mentioned. Do you have a favorite way to relax during the day, week, or month?

Practical Guide: About Me!

I’m Leslie (nice to meet ya!) I’m a 30 something witty and a full of energy human that loves to educate and inform about mental health, wellness, balance, & self love. I thought I’d share a practical guide about me. I love putting names with faces, so here you are in all my glory, hah. (that was a joke)

Awesome people connecting, I think we should be friends! But that’s just me…

Here are a few random facts about me.

  1. I love baking and equally love eating the baked goods.
  2. My favorite sweet treat to make are homemade brownies, of any kind.
  3. My favorite colors are lavender because of the serenity of it and teal for the vibrance.
  4. I have a Corgi puppy who is almost 2 months old named Yamper – named after a Pokémon. Who’s full of energy and
  5. I love his fluffy butt! I also have a cat named Quin who has a huge personality too.
  1. I love camping, hiking, and anything outdoors but I also love having my nails and hair done.
  2. I have Bipolar 1 disorder so it makes life really hard at times but I just keep pushing forward.
  1. I have a content creation business where I help overwhelmed female entrepreneurs, I absolutely love my business! I’m pretty much working on it, reading, or jotting down different things about it and business all day.
  2. I love getting under cozy blankets (even in the summer because he’s always cold, so i crank the AC it’s only 73*!) with a Swiss Roll in hang watching YouTube shows with my boyfriend.
  3. I love receiving packages, it’s like Christmas! I order so much it’s hard to keep up with it all (thanks Amazon!)
  4. I loooove reading! Stephen King is my absolute favorite, next to Kira Davis, and Jen Sincero. I can’t put their books down!
  5. I’ve started this new blog to help raise awareness of mental health, wellness, balance, and self love. Every now and then you might see a review of a product I loved, a tasty new recipe i tried, or an adventure post but I can assure you those will be few and far in between.
  6. I ate my right tonsil when I was 12, have you ever ate a body part you needed?) I had a sever case of strep throat, it put me in the Emergency Room twice!
  7. I love mochas! I’m like a dog with a treat when I see one coming or order one. I have no idea why but a white chocolate mocha or a Suisse chocolate mocha do the trick!
  1. I listen to lo-fi allll the time when I’m working, relaxing, cooking, all the things right. Click the link to check it out, you might like it too, who knows.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me, let’s connect! Drop a comment telling me a little or a lot about yourself! I’d love to engage (probably because I like to talk).