Hey y’all, I’m Lesliethe mastermind behind this blog. 

I thought I’d share a story about why I started this blog with the funny name. I’m all all for balance but I’m also sarcastically witty [usually at the wrong times].

My mission for this blog is to bring out the best in ones self. I’ll be speaking about mental health, self care, wellness, and balance. 

I want to share my journey with you all so we can connect by getting to know one another. I think we should be friends if all of this resonate with you. You are never alone on your path although We don’t know each other but my inbox is always open [Contact@NamasteSarcastic.com]. Our conversations are private and 1:1, if you feel like you can talk to me I’d be please and it’s no one else effin business.

I’ve been struggling with bipolar 1, anxiety, & manic depression since I was a kid but everyone told me to get over it because it was a phase. I would slam doors, smash mirror, kick holes in the walls, and cry almost everyday [the days I could get out of bed]. My body ached and I didn’t want to see the daylight so I bought black out curtains. My general doctor started prescribing my different medications [we went through 4 to be exact] then she did a quiz, it turns out I’m bipolar 1. I felt relief as bad as that sounds but now I had a name for my horrible decisions [like buying 4 brand new cars in 4 years], risky behavior [jumping off a 25 foot bridge as a dare probably wasn’t my shining moment], and spending money before I had it racking up $26,000 in debt [those car negative equity was most of it]. I now have a psychiatrist and psychologist that have pretty much been my saving grace! Although I’m on 4 different meds I’m just happy to be me, someone I’ve never known before [so I’m still figuring it out]. I want to do it the right way with balance, self care, and wellness – which is why i started this blog, to hopefully help someone like me.

I’m passionate about writing, I’ve always loved it. Some of these posts may get a little long but I try to keep it to a minimum of 500-700 words. When I’m not writing I’m usually hiking, camping, baking, or watch YouTube [business & blogging stuff mostly but with a few 4×4 videos and car mods and lo—fi music [you should check it out]. I love essential oils, diffuser jewelry, and motivational t-shirts [like support your local girl gang ❤️]

This blog is comply dedicated to wellness, self love, balance, and mental health. You might find a review from products I love occasionally but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum because that’s not what you’re here for. These posts will either be about personal experience, educational, or informative. There will also be no fluff in any posts, I don’t need to fill with a word count with useless information.

If I sound like someone you’d hang out with then let’s connect! Shoot me an email at Contact@NamasteSarcastic.com and follow me on social media.