Identifying Anxiety Triggers to Make Life Easier

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. There are unexpected circumstances that
come up in life that leave us feeling more worried, scared, or anxious than usual.
Experiencing anxiety is a normal process, and if you suffer from anxiety every now and then,
you’re not alone. Millions of American adults have anxiety and it has become the most
commonly diagnosed mental health disorder in the U.S.

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety on a regular basis, it can be helpful for you to learn
about your triggers. Identifying anxiety triggers can help you stop an anxiety attack from
happening. It can also help you lessen the severity of other anxiety symptoms.
Anxiety Symptoms

Before you start to look into what is triggering your anxiety, it can be helpful to know what
anxiety looks like. While anxiety varies from person to person, there are some common
symptoms that people suffering from anxiety regularly report.

These symptoms include:

● Unwanted sweating
● Irritability
● Feeling restless
● Unnecessary nervousness
● Rapid heart rate
● Feeling lightheaded or faint
● Difficulty sleeping
● Muscle tension

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms on a regular basis, it’s very possible you
are dealing with anxiety. These symptoms can stem from other medical conditions as well, so it
can be helpful to talk to your doctor.

If all other medical issues are ruled out, you’ll want to consider anxiety as the cause. Once
you’ve learned you are dealing with anxiety, the next step is to determine why it’s happening to
you. Let’s take a look at some common anxiety triggers before we dive deeper into identifying
your personal ones.

Common Anxiety Triggers:

There are some anxiety triggers that many people seem to experience. When you read through
the list, you’ll see why – it’s common for our minds to react to traumatic or unforeseen situations
like these!

Health conditions – Receiving a new health diagnosis can be quite alarming, especially
if it’s a scary one like cancer. Chronic illnesses that become worse can also affect how
much anxiety you feel about your health.
Caffeine – Drinking too much coffee can induce anxiety and related symptoms, including
rapid heart rate, trouble sleeping, and nervousness. These side effects aren’t helpful for
someone already dealing with anxiety before consuming caffeine.
Crowded places – Too many people in a small space can make you feel confined,
bringing on feelings of anxiety. Parties, social events, and other large gatherings can
have the same effect – especially if you’ve spent extended periods of time at home and
are just getting back out into the “real” world.
Medications – It is possible that taking over-the-counter and new prescription
medications can cause anxiety to occur. Your best bet here is to ask your doctor if this is
the case with your medications.
Stress – Worrying about too much can definitely bring on anxiety. It can also contribute
to other behaviors that will worsen your anxiety, like skipping meals, drinking coffee, or
consuming alcohol.
Conflict – Disagreements at work, in your relationships, or even within your own mind
can cause you to feel anxious. This is especially true if you are the one at fault or you
feel like you can’t resolve the problem.

How to Identify YOUR Anxiety Triggers

You may experience some of the common anxiety triggers listed above, but anxious feelings
can arise in people for many other reasons as well. It’s essential that you learn your personal
anxiety triggers so that you can help yourself resolve the symptoms and keep them from
happening again.

The past can be a great place to start looking when seeking out personal anxiety triggers. There
can be events that happened to you long ago that are the deep-seated cause of your anxiety.
People with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) especially notice anxiety that stems from
traumatic events that happened to them years ago.

Identifying your own triggers for anxiety is the first step in maintaining the condition and learning
how to cope with it in a healthy way. Here are some methods you can use to learn more about
what causes your anxiety:


Writing down your thoughts and feelings when your anxiety is triggered is a purposeful way to
notice patterns. Keeping a daily journal and writing in it for just 10 minutes a day not only gets
those negative feelings out of your head, but you can start to see how your anxiety manifests.

It’s helpful to journal during times you aren’t feeling anxious as well. These details can help you
figure out the causes and how to overcome those unwanted feelings.


Speaking with someone with experience in mental health disorders may be the best way for you
to identify your personal anxiety triggers. They can ask questions and help expose you to new
ways of thinking that you may not have done on your own.

A therapist can be partially responsible for new “breakthroughs” in your quest of identifying your
anxiety triggers. Consider finding a professional who can listen to how you feel and help you
determine the root causes of anxiety in your life.

Listen to your Body

Take note of the times when you feel anxious, and how your body is working during these times.
Do you feel more anxiety after a day or two of unhealthy eating or too many cups of coffee?
Maybe you feel more agitated when you haven’t slept well in the last 2-3 nights.
Sometimes our own bodies can be the greatest indicator of what is causing anxiety to appear.

Be honest

It can be difficult to reach down deep and determine your anxiety triggers. Most people want to
avoid talking about it and feel they have to silently deal with it. However, this is not helpful, nor is
it true.

Be honest with yourself and the people you confide in. Share how you are feeling and what
events led to the anxious thoughts. Avoid sweeping past events or possible triggers under the

Learning more about what triggers your anxiety can help you overcome the symptoms and
negative feelings. It can also assist you with preventing anxiety from occurring as often. If you
know what makes something happen, you can do your best to fight it and reduce its effects on

The most important thing to do is keep an open mind when identifying your anxiety triggers.
Know that you are not alone in feeling anxious, and that it is okay to talk to others struggling
with this mental condition to get help for your own issues.

My Experiment With The Curly Girl Method

I’ve got another review queued up for you again today, it’s all about my hair routine, I’m excited about it (shows ya how exciting my life is huh?) so I thought I’d share it with you. You’ll definitely want to read if you’re a curly-haired girl too. 

You can read up on the Curly Girl Method on Pinterest, there are a TON of helpful articles, which helped me make my decision upon these products along with their reviews. These products are scattered about which the Curly Girl Method doesn’t really follow a strict plan of products. 

Make sure none of the products you buy have sulfates, silicone-free, or soy proteins. These are the ingredients that dry and damage your hair. 

Again, I am not a beauty blogger by any means but I thought I’d share my hair routine with you all since you liked my skincare routine post. 

I love playing with my hair from coloring to new products to different styles. I have naturally curly hair but I love to straighten it because it gives it more length but it does a number on my curls. Not a good one! 

I found a few different products of different brands to try and see what they make my curls look like. I’ve spent so much money on hair products it’s crazy! If I can save you guys a little moolah I’d love to try. 

Now, this is early in the morning so don’t laugh at my unwashed face with no makeup on. I don’t do morning at all. 

First up we have the Maui curl shampoo and conditioner, this stuff smells amazing and I’d heard a lot of good things about it plus there were a lot of good reviews. It made my hair so soft and smells delicious with its coconut-scented self (you’ll see a lot of coconut-scented products in this post).

Then, we have Palmer’s coconut strong root spray. I saw this on a Pinterest pin and decided to give it a try. Ya’ll it makes my scalp feel so good!  

Next up is the Miracle Curls Curl Refresher from Aussie (I’ve been a big fan of theirs for years). If I would’ve known how awesome the stuff in the little bottle is I would’ve ordered 6 bottles! If you spray it while your hair is damp you get springy curls and if you use it on your second and third day your curls are still tight and they smell good too, like coconut. (Who knew!)

Finally, we have the Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream which keeps away the frizz. Same with the Aussie Curl Refresher spray, I would’ve bought 6 bottles of this too. It takes all of the frizz from my hair. This product has the very very faint smell of coconut, ever so subtle. 

Which is fantastic because my hair is usually a frizzy mess since I’m not straightening it anymore to bring back my curls. I use to have 2c curls but now with all the heat, they’ve shrunk to 1c. I’ve also lost a lot of volume on top of my head. Which I achieve to get back so my curls aren’t flat on top of my head. 

My thoughts on these products are – they’ll always be in my cabinet for when I want them and for right now, well they’ll be my hair’s best friend. 

This is how I slept in them so I wouldn’t smash them flat or distort them. It was actually pretty comfortable. I used a silk scrunchie (yes it has Corgi faces on it) because I didn’t want a hair tie that would break my hair while I slept. 

Now, this is early in the morning so don’t laugh at my unwashed face with no makeup on. I don’t do morning at all.

As you can see the curls are still intact, this is before using the curl refresher spray. I’ll have to get more pictures and post them on Instagram with the curl refresher because my curls look like day 1 curls. Like I said it was early in the morning and I’m not a morning person and it was before my mocha and yoga. 

I hope you curly girls found this post helpful if so drop a comment below letting me know your favorite products. Even if you’re not a curly girl drop a comment with your favorite products too. Who knows I’ll probably try those too on my next hair adventure. ;p

The Moose Is Loose

(This is a sponsored post, you can read all about the disclosure here)

Y’all, I can’t tell you how blown away I was to receive this canvas print from Photowall! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love moose and the outdoors so this was perfect but they have hundreds to choose from. You can even get wallpaper prints!

This is the print I decided upon, it has moose on it and if you know me you know a love moose.

I opened the box and saw the frame pieces I had to put together on the canvas and I won’t lie that I was a little nervous.

I’m THAT person but that’s things together backward then has to take it apart to do it the right way. 

The instructions made it so easy and explained it step by step. It was a little confusing at first then I thought about it and I was like “well, duh!”. See, they’re simple enough.

Each piece of wood matched exactly the way it was supposed to, perfect! (Except mine was slightly a tad off but that’s my error)

I’ve put together a step by step tutorial so you can’t take a look at the instructions and these photos (because with the coupon code: “namastesarcastic25” you’ll save 25% so I know you’ll pick one up too)

First, you find a flat surface to unroll the canvas to keep it flat. You may have to work it out a little as it’s been rolled-up in shipping. This doesn’t take long about 2 minutes, I wanted to make sure it was as level as I could get it.

Next, was lining up the edges of the print to the wooden frame pieces. This is a crucial part as the frame pieces are going to e sticking to the canvas with 3M tape. Which we all know is almost impossible to unstick after it’s stuck. The are small corners on the canvas print but don’t cut them off as these will form the edge of the print. You simplely take the 3M tape off the wooden frame, line it up evenly with the print and press it down, I did the sides first then I stuck on the smaller side pieces, as there is a place to tape them too.

Once you’ve gotten the creases out and the print is still flat, you fold the wooden pieces inward, which will form the wooden frame. I loed doing this and watching it come to life, I’m a weirdo so that might not mean a lot to you but it means I didn’t put it together backwards, haha.

Then, you’ll secure the wooden frame with the brackets and bolts sent, don’t let these imtimidate you. It’s so easy! Line up the holes on the bracket to the holes on the frame then use the screws to secure them in place.

Do this for all 4 sides. Yes, I know i am missing a bolt, I lost it. Haha, I got a little carried away opening the bag and it slipped out somewhere where i’ve yet to find but i’m sure my puppy will find it for me. Unless I accidently dropped it in the trash where I opened the package. This is what it’ll look like once all the hardware and screws are in.

I abolsutely love it and i’m so happy I got to try it out! You can get your own canvas print, wallpaper print, mural, or poster. You can get your Photowall print and take 25% off using code “namastesarcastic25”. The code should be input in all lowercase letters. 

It makes the other prints on my wall really stand out. I have a lot of travel prints which I love that this watercolor moose canvas print really brings out the colors in the other photos. 

Needless to say. I’ll be ordering another one!

I Did What To My Face?

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I didn’t go all Mike Tyson and get a sweet facial tattoo. Nope, I fell in love with Aveeno products (and I liked it!)

Instead, I think I nailed down a nighttime routine! I’ve been looking at YouTubers, bloggers, and Pinterest peeps to help me out.

I’m getting older, so I figured now is an excellent time to learn a routine.

I am in NO WAY shape, or form a beauty blogger; how do y’all make it look so easy??

So I also did a ton of product research; I have really sensitive skin, so I have been super cautious of what I put on it. My skin is so sensitive if I walk through the perfume floor of the mall, my face breaks out for days.

I’ve used Aveeno lotion for years because it doesn’t aggravate the ever-loving shit out of my sensitive skin, I wanted a face wash that wouldn’t make my face dry and weird feeling, but I also wanted to follow it up with a moisturizer.

I had no idea where to turn, so I went to Google. I searched a few different products with a few other reviews. I kept coming across how great Aveeno products are, well I decided to do a little research on their products (it turns out they’re fantastic!)

Without further ado, I promptly hit up Amazon and got myself an Aveeno body wash, an Aveeno face wash, and an Aveeno moisturizer. I waited like a child for it to arrive to see if everything lived up to its rep.

It arrived on a Thursday afternoon, so I used it that night; I was blown away! The face wash left my face feeling smooth, soft, and even moisturized already. I put a few dabs of the moisturizer on my cheeks and forehead, then rubbed it in gently. I think I heard angels singing at this point.

Next up, bath time! I love baths; they calm and relax me. I pretend my stress washes away in the water and down the drain where all dirty things go. So I grab my rubber ducky, a book (usually a business-related book), my bath caddy tray (this thing is fantastic!), a glass of wine, and phone (not for social media or messages but for lo-fi, I love relaxing to it!

I lathered up with the coconut-smelling body wash, and my skin was instantly hydrated and not just because of the water but the way it felt as it washed away. I immediately knew I’d never use another body wash again. This one was perfect, and the scent lingers all day! After everything was dry, I used my trusty Aveeno lotion, which is unscented, letting the coconut fragrance through.

These products have quickly become a part of my nighttime routine; it’s now my favorite part of the day. I know I get to relax and make myself feel good and pampered. It’s the small things in life that are the greatest.

Here is the finished product after everything is washed and applied, since it’s a nighttime routine there is no make up, and I do apologize in advance.

I had a lot of fun creating this routine, and I’ve stuck to it for a while and don’t think I’ll give it up anytime soon. I’ll link the products I use below; check them out if you have sensitive skin like me!