My Experiment With The Curly Girl Method

I’ve got another review queued up for you again today, it’s all about my hair routine, I’m excited about it (shows ya how exciting my life is huh?) so I thought I’d share it with you. You’ll definitely want to read if you’re a curly-haired girl too. 

You can read up on the Curly Girl Method on Pinterest, there are a TON of helpful articles, which helped me make my decision upon these products along with their reviews. These products are scattered about which the Curly Girl Method doesn’t really follow a strict plan of products. 

Make sure none of the products you buy have sulfates, silicone-free, or soy proteins. These are the ingredients that dry and damage your hair. 

Again, I am not a beauty blogger by any means but I thought I’d share my hair routine with you all since you liked my skincare routine post. 

I love playing with my hair from coloring to new products to different styles. I have naturally curly hair but I love to straighten it because it gives it more length but it does a number on my curls. Not a good one! 

I found a few different products of different brands to try and see what they make my curls look like. I’ve spent so much money on hair products it’s crazy! If I can save you guys a little moolah I’d love to try. 

Now, this is early in the morning so don’t laugh at my unwashed face with no makeup on. I don’t do morning at all. 

First up we have the Maui curl shampoo and conditioner, this stuff smells amazing and I’d heard a lot of good things about it plus there were a lot of good reviews. It made my hair so soft and smells delicious with its coconut-scented self (you’ll see a lot of coconut-scented products in this post).

Then, we have Palmer’s coconut strong root spray. I saw this on a Pinterest pin and decided to give it a try. Ya’ll it makes my scalp feel so good!  

Next up is the Miracle Curls Curl Refresher from Aussie (I’ve been a big fan of theirs for years). If I would’ve known how awesome the stuff in the little bottle is I would’ve ordered 6 bottles! If you spray it while your hair is damp you get springy curls and if you use it on your second and third day your curls are still tight and they smell good too, like coconut. (Who knew!)

Finally, we have the Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream which keeps away the frizz. Same with the Aussie Curl Refresher spray, I would’ve bought 6 bottles of this too. It takes all of the frizz from my hair. This product has the very very faint smell of coconut, ever so subtle. 

Which is fantastic because my hair is usually a frizzy mess since I’m not straightening it anymore to bring back my curls. I use to have 2c curls but now with all the heat, they’ve shrunk to 1c. I’ve also lost a lot of volume on top of my head. Which I achieve to get back so my curls aren’t flat on top of my head. 

My thoughts on these products are – they’ll always be in my cabinet for when I want them and for right now, well they’ll be my hair’s best friend. 

This is how I slept in them so I wouldn’t smash them flat or distort them. It was actually pretty comfortable. I used a silk scrunchie (yes it has Corgi faces on it) because I didn’t want a hair tie that would break my hair while I slept. 

Now, this is early in the morning so don’t laugh at my unwashed face with no makeup on. I don’t do morning at all.

As you can see the curls are still intact, this is before using the curl refresher spray. I’ll have to get more pictures and post them on Instagram with the curl refresher because my curls look like day 1 curls. Like I said it was early in the morning and I’m not a morning person and it was before my mocha and yoga. 

I hope you curly girls found this post helpful if so drop a comment below letting me know your favorite products. Even if you’re not a curly girl drop a comment with your favorite products too. Who knows I’ll probably try those too on my next hair adventure. ;p

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26 thoughts on “My Experiment With The Curly Girl Method”

    1. I love Frizz Ease, I used it all the time a couple of years ago. I may have to put that in the arsenal as well. I hope your curls are holding up in this heat. hah, mine are struggling!


    1. There is a lot of info, it can be overwhelming. I’ve actually started using the “Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk” line. I started the day after I shared this post. Gena Maria is awesome on YouTube! She breaks it down and has a lot of videos.


    1. I was like that too. I got the Not Your Mother’s hair mask and did it once a week and added a little more product to my ends diluted with a tiny bit of water. I’ve worn my hair straight for so long, it’ll take some time to recover.


  1. Love this post. I have curly, unmanageable, dry, frizzy hair and I am ALWAYS in need of products to help.

    Saving this and looking into some of these. Thank you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I recently started using the Not Your Mothers hair care line (2 days after this review) and I find the hair mask works wonders. There’s a ton of YouTube videos, I suggest Gene Marie because she shows for beginners.


  2. The last time I had curly hair was when I was about 12 years old (perm), but I remember how awful it could be to keep curls looking nice. Sounds like the products have come a long way since then!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I got a perm when I was around 12 too. My hair was alrrady curly so yes it was a mess too. I love the products out now. Esoecially the Curly Girl Method, theres no harsh commeical to damage the hair anf i’ve fallen in love with the “not Your Mother’s” line. I nought them. a few days after this post. Once I get use to it i’ll be posting about that too. Maybe give the line a try too? There is a Youtube named Gena Maria who specializes in curly hair beginners.


  3. Nice! I have curly hair too but it’s really fine. I’ve found that anything with coconut oil is really heavy and weighs my hair down. Have you noticed that too?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss! I’ve been eliminating products i put in my hair because it is a little heavy. I find it it’s with other moisturizing oils it’s not as bad. I’ve stopped using the coconut root spray and my hair feels so much better.


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