The Moose Is Loose

(This is a sponsored post, you can read all about the disclosure here)

Y’all, I can’t tell you how blown away I was to receive this canvas print from Photowall! It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love moose and the outdoors so this was perfect but they have hundreds to choose from. You can even get wallpaper prints!

This is the print I decided upon, it has moose on it and if you know me you know a love moose.

I opened the box and saw the frame pieces I had to put together on the canvas and I won’t lie that I was a little nervous.

I’m THAT person but that’s things together backward then has to take it apart to do it the right way. 

The instructions made it so easy and explained it step by step. It was a little confusing at first then I thought about it and I was like “well, duh!”. See, they’re simple enough.

Each piece of wood matched exactly the way it was supposed to, perfect! (Except mine was slightly a tad off but that’s my error)

I’ve put together a step by step tutorial so you can’t take a look at the instructions and these photos (because with the coupon code: “namastesarcastic25” you’ll save 25% so I know you’ll pick one up too)

First, you find a flat surface to unroll the canvas to keep it flat. You may have to work it out a little as it’s been rolled-up in shipping. This doesn’t take long about 2 minutes, I wanted to make sure it was as level as I could get it.

Next, was lining up the edges of the print to the wooden frame pieces. This is a crucial part as the frame pieces are going to e sticking to the canvas with 3M tape. Which we all know is almost impossible to unstick after it’s stuck. The are small corners on the canvas print but don’t cut them off as these will form the edge of the print. You simplely take the 3M tape off the wooden frame, line it up evenly with the print and press it down, I did the sides first then I stuck on the smaller side pieces, as there is a place to tape them too.

Once you’ve gotten the creases out and the print is still flat, you fold the wooden pieces inward, which will form the wooden frame. I loed doing this and watching it come to life, I’m a weirdo so that might not mean a lot to you but it means I didn’t put it together backwards, haha.

Then, you’ll secure the wooden frame with the brackets and bolts sent, don’t let these imtimidate you. It’s so easy! Line up the holes on the bracket to the holes on the frame then use the screws to secure them in place.

Do this for all 4 sides. Yes, I know i am missing a bolt, I lost it. Haha, I got a little carried away opening the bag and it slipped out somewhere where i’ve yet to find but i’m sure my puppy will find it for me. Unless I accidently dropped it in the trash where I opened the package. This is what it’ll look like once all the hardware and screws are in.

I abolsutely love it and i’m so happy I got to try it out! You can get your own canvas print, wallpaper print, mural, or poster. You can get your Photowall print and take 25% off using code “namastesarcastic25”. The code should be input in all lowercase letters. 

It makes the other prints on my wall really stand out. I have a lot of travel prints which I love that this watercolor moose canvas print really brings out the colors in the other photos. 

Needless to say. I’ll be ordering another one!

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