Why You Should Consider Yoga

In honor of National Yoga Day I’ve decided to do a little yoga post on why you should consider yoga. I hope this post will inspire you to give yoga at least a try or two, remember that practice makes perfect and you’ll get the greatest benefit from these poses. I love morning yoga routines and nighttime routines they help wake me up and also put me to sleep without sleep medication (which I was once dependent on). Your routine can be as short or as long as you make it, some days you might get lost in the tranquility and balance then an hour goes by and you’re like “wow, that happened”.

What is yoga

The word “yoga” in Sanskrit means listen. Listening is the key to what yoga is all about. It is about listening to your body. Stretching, bending, breathing, and listening. It’s about becoming more aware of your body, its strengths, where it needs help, and nurturing it.

Why try yoga?

When doing the yoga pose itself the stretching opens up tight areas in the body and also strengthening those muscles. This helps with good posture and also helps you focus on body awareness. You relax or contract each muscle with each different yoga pose.

The benefits of yoga:

  1. It’s a great way to strengthen your body and core.
  2. It’s an excellent stress reliever.
  3. It can be done anywhere.
  4. It’s a good way to learn how to connect with yourself.
  5.  Yoga practices are fun and none competitive.
  6. Best of all it can be fine anywhere at any time.

Why yoga is for everyone?

Yoga helps you improve strength by using your core for support. While I’m a yoga pose your muscles are activated to keep you in that particular pose. Yoga helps tap into your own flexibility while limbering you up. Once you start it’s about stretching your limits.

For me and myself

I found the first time I did yoga I felt better and I could breathe. My limbs felt light and my entire body felt refreshed after stretching.

You’re probably like “Samantha – cut the bullshit” but I bullshit you not a friend! If you give it one session just one 30 minutes session I can assure you that you’ll notice a difference.

Once you do it every day for a month you’ll notice changes in the way your body feels, all of this just by stretching.

Why You Should Consider Yoga #yoga #routine #stretch #poses #workout

I’m honor of National Yoga Day, I’ve decided to bring a little light as to how yoga could be for everyone.

I’ve put together a few simple yet easy yoga poses for you to try, anyone that wants to try! Get your family and your friends in on each pose. These poses are better when done on the right equipment so no one gets hurt but have an optimal workout.

I’m no doctor so if you find yourself in pain or there is discomfort then don’t try yo push yourself. These poses can go at your own pace.

At first, I suggest doing one yoga pose a day. You can hold each pose for 2-3 minutes if you can. You can also increase that time once you continue your daily practice.

To help you get started I’ve posted 15 different poses that are sure to give you results. The key is to stretch into each pose, remember not to hurt yourself! Yoga is supposed to be relaxing.

Why You Should Consider Yoga #yoga #strength #workout

I decided to give you guys visuals for each pose rather than explain each pose. This way you’ll get an idea of what the correct pose looks like.

Adrian is an amazing teacher and she knows her stuff! I watch her videos and learn something new each time.

Yoga poses daily:

Chair Pose

Forward Fold pose


Upward dog pose

Cobra pose

Down dog pose

Staff pose

Mountain pose

Knee to nose pose

Warrior 1 pose

Warrior 2 pose

Warrior 3 pose

Reverse Warrior pose

Pigeon pose 


These poses may be hard to pronounce but they’re easy and for beginners leaving you feeling your best. If you give any of these pose a try please let me know how they worked for you. Remember to only go at your own pace, do not strain or push yourself too hard.

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Here are a few suggestions to make it a little easier:

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38 thoughts on “Why You Should Consider Yoga”

    1. I use to run and I want to get back into it, I would do 6 miles a day but then hurt myself in a marathon i didn’t train for (i know i know hah)so yoga helps keep me grounded.


  1. Yesss! As a yoga teacher, I can attest that these benefits are real! My favorite time and way to do yoga is at night near bedtime. I take an hour, do a whole routine slowly, and an entire half hour of the practice is stretching and Savasana. I have dimmed lights (actually have string lights for lighting in there), and put on a calming playlist, and it’s magical! Those are the nights that I drift off to sleep the quickest, and sleep the most soundly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh this sounds divine! Maybe I should start doing that too and drop the sleeping pills because I can’t relax enough to sleep. String lights are my fav, I love the ambiance.


  2. I am so with you. I left my practice for a few months (silly, I know) and recently came back to it. Just wrapped up my 3rd week back and already feel a difference in my length, posture, strength and overall well being!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the feeling of stretches in the morning, my body feels so at ease. It’s amazing just what a bunch of stretched can do, I try to tell my family but they don’t get it but if they’d try it they’d be hooked.


  3. Yoga is my absolute favourite form of exercise! I love that there is a yoga routine for every specific need you may have. Though I didn’t know that ‘yoga’ meant ‘listen’ in Sanskrit- that’s quite fitting!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I started yoga years ago but didn’t have the best experience with my instructor. I’ve been wanting to try it again as I know how many people love it. I think I’ll give it a go at home 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve thought about yoga, but haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. I’d love to strengthen my core and take more time to slow down, focus, and do some copious amounts of stretching.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh then you’ll love it. If you have time then give a 5 minute sequence a try and grow from there. Start slow and steady. Yoga with Adriene is my favorite instructor for yoga.


    1. I was t too sure did I turned to my trust friend Google and it was explained in a nutshell as this: “ Yoga can be used for improving the flexibility of the body and it will also gradually increase the flexibility of your joints. Whereas Pilates focuses on trying to relax muscles which are tense and provide strengthening of the numerous muscles of the body.” Pilates feel amazing too though.


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